Get X-ray vision into your development teams’ performance
& say goodbye to bottlenecks, sloppy PRs, and mystery delays
Improve your development team’s ability to get shit done
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DevStats is built for development team managers, CTOs, directors of engineering, and other leaders who manage development teams.
By turning data from your code repositories software into
useful insights and reports, we make it easy for you to
identify inefficiencies,
solve problems,
create a healthy and
transparent team,
and ultimately?
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better code
more of the time.
Investiment Profile
See at a glance which tasks and processes are taking your teams’ time and energy
Cycle Time
Discover why some cycles last longer than others so you can improve efficiency
Track the ebbs and flows of your teams and projects over time
Dig into commits, PRs, and other activities to understand how team members are spending their time
Keep an eye on new code production vs. refactors, reworks, and fixes
PR Resolution
See pull requests’ time to review, time to resolve, and comments
Is progress getting bogged down for days in the code review phase?
Are you spending more time squashing bugs than improving or adding features?
Wouldn’t it be useful to know what’s going well, what’s causing problems, and WHY?
DevStats reveals where your dev team is crushing it — and where you’ve got opportunities to improve 😬
Devstats help you...
Identify bottlenecks
See where projects get stuck so you can address the hangups
Keep throughput consistent
No more project timelines that stretch out like Gumby
Shorten cycle time
See exactly how overlooking needed work is actually adding to your team’s workload
Actually address toxic tech debt
See exactly how overlooking needed work is actually adding to your team’s workload
Ensure you’re committed (😉) to quality
Keep an eye on how much effort and time goes into reworking, refactoring, and debugging
Build a healthy, transparent team culture-
See exactly how overlooking needed work is actually adding to your team’s workload
Manage high-performing without sacrificing the technical context
Pull useful insights from
wherever your dev work happens
Instead of manually digging through your code repositories (which you won’t do — let’s be honest), just connect them to DevStats to automatically pull the context and insights that help your team work smarter.
View detailed reports on how your team spends their time, from building new code to commits, reworks, refactors, bug fixes, and more.
There’s much more to running efficient engineering teams than simply counting lines of code. And now, there’s a tool that DOES more.
Why we made DevStats
Until recently,
I didn’t know anything about basketball.
But after buying season tickets to the Utah Jazz and going to every game, I noticed something.
Every player’s statistics are constantly on display.
That means coaches can evaluate performance based not just on points scored or time on court, but by “percentage of successful shots made from the 3-point line” and other, much more granular and useful data.
This was
exactly what I’d been looking for.
As the founder of DevSquad, a developer myself, and the manager of 25 development teams all working on different, complex products — I wanted a data-based tool that would help me
evaluate my engineering team’s progress, successes, and challenges.
Other products I tried were either too simple (I couldn’t dig deeper for the insights I wanted) or far too complicated. I just wanted to know the answer to two questions:
How are we doing?
How can we improve?
So I built DevStats. And now I’m sharing it with you.
Consider this your personal invitation to join the beta.
Phil Alves
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Phil Alves
Founder, DevStats & DevSquad
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